Case Studies

Educators gain a Head Start in compliance with 1Place software.

As regulators increasingly call on education providers to make data-driven decisions, electronic monitoring is no longer a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. Here’s how 1Place software is helping Mid Florida Community Services, Inc. Head Start/Early Head Start agency “fill the gaps” in education compliance.
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1Place software brings Amaze-ing changes to childcare compliance management - including time savings with online checklists and forms, and increased transparency.
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New Shoots

Paper-based health and safety processes were fit for purpose when New Shoots began, but 1Place has taken the organisation to the next level in terms of efficiency, and sustainability.
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1Place automates health and safety, compliance checklists and property inspections across hundreds of sites to ensure that each site complies with MoE regulations, and resolves issues quickly.
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