Free best practice checklist templates for early childhood are here!

Free best practice checklist templates are here!

Including an A&R Self Assessment tool for ECEC services.

Paperwork should be a misnomer in the digital age, especially in a busy early childhood centre where lists can be misplaced and keeping track of the day-to-day paperwork required to ensure standards are being met can be a struggle.

1Place Childcare enables ECEC services to move away from paper copies and streamline their systems, with free digital checklists included as part of the platform’s services.

These checklists include:

  • ACECQA’s – National Quality Standard Assessment & Rating Instrument 
  • Quality Area 2 – Emergency Evacuation Bag Audit
  • Quality Area 2 – Emergency Evacuation Rehearsal Record
  • Quality Area 2 – Carpark Safety Checklist
  • Quality Area 2 – Transport Pick-up / Drop-off Checklist
  • Service Opening Checklist

1Place provides these free best practice checklists through its digital platform, meaning streamlined processes; less paper, print and storage costs; real-time visibility (important if you’re managing a service remotely); and a better quality of work environment resulting in improved staff retention.

1Place’s free checklists have been created based on ACECQA’s National Quality Standard Assessment and Rating Instrument, and from content provided from our partner, Childcare Centre Desktop – and include features that allow easy visibility both on-site and remotely.
Staff can upload photographic evidence of compliance, to be checked against best practice imagery to ensure quality standards are being met.  Checklists can be shared to relevant parties, printed if required, and backed up by Cloud-based services. This means services can always be prepared for compliance checks without a mad scramble to find paperwork.

All of 1Place Childcare’s offerings are designed around four key actions: Define, Measure, Act and Monitor.

Defining both best practice and compliance requirements is the first step to ensuring quality is maintained. Measuring how often standards slip, accidents happen, or complaints are made, is a means to ensuring these standards stay high. This means these issues can be acted upon. The system provides an audit trail based on issues raised – the monitoring action – so problems are promptly rectified.
Most importantly, these checklists mean that ECEC services can spend more time focusing on the children and their families, as well as keeping staff happy. In this way, a service can go from being simply compliant, to being exceptional.

See how the free checklist templates work

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